Thursday, 11 November 2010

Boge tech Leo review. The daddy of all Ego, Tornado, EM Riva, T-Rex

This is a review of the Boge tech Leo vapourette electronic cigarette. Also known as Innokin Leo.
You can see from the video the way this vapourette electronic cigarette performs in particular i like the amount of vapour it produces together with the strength of the atomizer as well.

In all it is a revolutionary electronic cigarette in everyway. The size might strike you as being on the large side, yet when you use it and get used to it, you will feel quite comfortable with it. It is 153mm long and 15mm wide. Very elegantly presented with 2 large crystals on either end of the vapourette which compliments its good looks.
More details are available at Vapourettes.

Thank you for watching.

Since this video was made. The Leo has gone through a few evolutionary stages. Innokin has added cartomizers to the range. The first generation used standard atomizers with cartridges attached to it. They worked well at the time however with the addition of cartomizers, the Leo has moved on.

Furthermore the Leo has gone a further development in recent months and it does use the industry standard tank atomizers. They are far better than cartomizers n the way that there is a tank that you fill without any wadding or material to soak the liquid up and dispense it as and when the electronic cigarette is being used. 

Leo cartomizer

Inside the Leo cartomizer

The change from atomizer/cartomizer to tank a tank system meant that the atomizer is redesigned to accommodate the new tank system.

Leo Tank Cartridge

As you can see from the photos there are differences between the different cartridges and atomizers the Boge or Innokin Leo has gone through.

My only gripe about Innokin or Bogetech Leo and others such as the Lea and of late the iTaste is they are always supplied with one battery which makes it difficult to carry around as if the battery dies, nothing else can be done until it is recharged.
You could say why not buy another spare battery. Ofcourse you can but at a cost. Considering you can get an eGo kit with 2x 900mAh batteries plus all the parts for the same price as a Leo, Lea or indeed the new iTaste. One has to think long and hard before parting with the best part of £50.